As Pittsburgh area residents, we are used to heavy snowfall in the Winter months. Just as you take certain precautions when venturing out into the cold, you will want to also consider the effect heavy snow has on your roof’s condition. Today we take a look at some of the ways a heavy Pittsburgh snowstorm can damage the roof of your home or commercial business.

The Weight of the Snow:
Imagine this: a winter evening, the snow is falling gently, and you’re curled up with a hot drink. Outside, though, the snow is silently piling up, and with it, the weight on your roof. Wet snow can be surprisingly heavy, and our Pittsburgh homes, especially the charming older ones, might not be ready for this unexpected guest. That extra weight can strain even the sturdiest of roofs.

Ice Dams: A Slippery Slope:
Ever noticed those icicles hanging off the eaves? They’re more than just sparkling decorations. They’re a sign of ice dams, a sneaky little problem where melted snow refreezes at the roof’s edge. This can force water back under the shingles, leading to a cascade of issues – think leaks and damage to your home’s interior. This can also cause damage to your home’s gutters and create a need for professional gutter repair services.

The Freeze-Thaw Drama:
Pittsburgh’s weather is like a drama series, full of twists and turns. This constant freeze-thaw cycle is tough on our roofs. The expansion and contraction can make the materials on our roof crack and split, setting the stage for leaks. It’s like a slow dance that wears down the roof’s defenses.

Prevention: Your Best Friend:
As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Professional regular roof repairs are like annual doctor visits for your home. A professional can spot potential problems before Jack Frost does his worst. And don’t forget about insulation and ventilation – they’re the unsung heroes keeping those ice dams at bay.

When Snow Becomes a Burden:
After a hefty snowfall, it might be tempting to climb up there and play hero. But let’s leave that to the pros. Using the right tools and techniques is crucial. For those hard-to-reach places or steeper roofs, it’s safer (and smarter) to call in the experts.

Luckily, our experts are only a click away! Contact us today to schedule your Free Consultation and keep your roof in top shape this Winter!

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